Participate in a project

Want to get stuck into something? There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in projects that are already going on – whether you want to help out with the organisation, or participate in an exchange. Projects can be run by the city link associations, Oxford International Links, Oxford City Council, our friends overseas, and individuals with ideas. We’ve got schools looking for partners, festivals and tournaments in our twins looking for teams and groups to go and take part – keep checking back as new opportunities come up all the time, and let us know if yo’re running a project that needs participants that you want us to publicise!

Current opportunities:

Teams, clubs, groups, bands, choirs, artists, gardeners…. The invitation is open from Bonn and Grenoble to visit in 2019. We are looking for all sorts of people to be part of visiting delegations to both cities for festivals next year. 

Oxford Week In Bonn: 10-14 April 2019

Do you have a sports team or a music or dance group that would like to make contact with a similar group in Bonn? Individuals and groups are invited to join in our visit to the city of Bonn in April 2019.There will be a programme of events and opportunity to explore the fascinating city of Bonn.

Grenoble-Oxford 30th Anniversary Festival, Grenoble, throughout May 2019

To celebrate 30 years of links with Grenoble, there are activities taking place in both cities. The main event of the year will take place in Grenoble in May 2019, and Oxford groups are invited to join the delegation. The theme of celebrations is Gardens and Growth, and we welcome ideas for exchange projects on this theme. We are particularly looking for interest from allotments and groups linked to gardening.

For more information about either, use the contact form to get in touch or email the relevant link association contact – see below.

Schools are always needed to link up with schools in our twins for pen pals, exchange trips, and more. If you work at a school and would like to discuss potential for exchange work with the City Council’s International Links Officer, get in touch using the contact form below.


Attend an event




Oxford’s international partnerships are kept alive a dedicated community of volunteers. New hands on deck are always welcome, as are new ideas. If you’d like to volunteer for a particular event or project, use the contact form below. You can also join the individual link associations for their regular meetings, where events and projects are planned.

Oxford Bonn Link

Secretary: Naomi Collyer

Oxford Grenoble Association

Secretary: Jean Burrell

Oxford Leiden Link

General Secretary: Jo Hawtin


Start something yourself!

None of these quite up your street? We’re here to help you get started – find a pen pal or partner group in whichever city interests you, start an exchange, run an event… the world’s your oyster! We can support you with planning, contacts, practical info, and funding, so get in touch and let us help you start something!



Whatever your level of interest,  let us know and get the conversation started

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