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Football Exchange 2018

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Oxford-Bonn-Leiden-Perm youth exchange: 15th-22nd August 2018 All photo credits Stephanie Wilde unless otherwise indicated (CS, Christian Stegmüller) Wednesday 15th August                         The Bonn Rot-Weiss-Lessenich team enjoyed a good journey to Oxford in their coach hired from the Weiss company in Bonn. Their … Read More

We came, we sauna-ed, we conquered

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  Veni, vidi… banyi? Not your traditional formula – and I think even Julius Caesar would have been a little apprehensive before his first foray into a Russian banya. For those unacquainted with this particular Russian tradition, a banya is somewhat similar to a … Read More

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Meet your Oxford Twin City reps to Perm

Marianna Hunt

City rep


I’m Marianna. I’m an amateur writer, part-time travel blogger and full-time adventurer.

I speak French and Russian and spent a year living in both places, working various jobs ranging from wine tasting advisor to art critic to tour guide. I’ve written articles on culture and travel for The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, The Moscow Times, and The Culture Trip.

My favourite things are: the taste of overripe raspberries, the smell of freshly baked bread, and the feeling of not having to set an alarm for the morning.

Follow my wanderings (both geographical and verbal) on my blog: awanderinghunt

Louise Hall

City rep

I’m Louise, an art and travel enthusiast based in Oxfordshire, and Twin City Rep for Perm!

I love to illustrate interesting places, cultures and food, whilst learning the interesting history and stories about people all over the world. I can often be found drawing and recording in sketchbooks- maybe in a crowded spot in the city, or soaking up nature’s inspiration outdoors. If I’m not sketching exciting food and ingredients, I’m usually eating them!

I am loving being involved with this international and cultural project, which celebrates community and multiculturalism both in Oxford and abroad. I think it is important that we experience other places that may be culturally and geographically different from our own, in order to better understand the world on our own doorstep.

You can find more of my work here

…and more travels and sketches here




Twinned with Oxford since: 1995

Volunteer association: Oxford Perm Association